My Friend Tony

Life is full of missed opportunities. One of my biggest regrets in life is not making a point of dating Anthony Bourdain. I was patiently waiting for his younger, Italian side piece actress to get bored with him and then I planned to make my move. Well, she did get bored, publicly, but evidently, I…Read more My Friend Tony


Why I Write

  A Writer's Path I often tell folks that I write my way through life. That is partly true; from childhood through the age 40, I wrote my way in and out of circumstances and opportunities, skating by on my 'voice' and an ability to write to task - be it a sales letter, article, report.…Read more Why I Write

Water Your Garden

"Self-care" is a popular cultural phrase used to describe a return to caring for self first before tending to others. Nice in principle, more challenging in execution. Being a single person with no children, this sounds like something I would do naturally, without effort. My experience, however, is the opposite is more common: The fact…Read more Water Your Garden