The Good Thing

'I know about the bad, but I look at the good thing.' Alice Herz-Sommer, Holocaust Survivor and Pianist Who Lived to Be 110 years old I've stopped reading the news. At least bad news. There are so many sad headlines out in the world that it would seem that it is indeed coming to an end.…Read more The Good Thing


A Tale From the Big Blue Bus

Racism springs from ignorance. - Mario Balotelli You never know what to expect on public transportation. However, I'm always shocked at how people who seem rational at first glance, turn out to have major issues dealing with the general public. Simple rules of etiquette often don't apply, even traveling through seemingly affluent neighborhoods. For example,…Read more A Tale From the Big Blue Bus

The Casting Ouch

When I think of the past year I'm struck by how much pain I've witnessed - in my own life and in the lives of others. The misogyny, senseless loss and violence are as isolating as they are universally binding. As if that weren't enough, some sort of transactional assault and sexual misconduct is being…Read more The Casting Ouch

Chasing The Storm

"Even the bad is beautiful" - Alice Herz-Sommer You don't need to be religious or believe in climate change to notice the confluence of natural disasters and man-made chaos occurring over the last few months. Just check out the devastating hurricanes, earthquakes and wildfires, some of which erupted during the past eclipses and the astrological…Read more Chasing The Storm